Migraines No More
Since March of 2015 I had been suffering with debilitating migraines that would put my life on hold. I would get cycles of migraines that would last for 3 days straight, the pain would start in my neck then travel up and around to my head. These would leave me nauseous and totally useless stuck in my bed. I sought help from a headache specialist that studied migraines, and he put me on preventative medications and muscle relaxers. I also had 2 nerve blockers done, but only was somewhat effective. In March of 2016 I came to see Dr. Wink seeking help for my migraines, and started getting neck adjustments. Even after the very first neck adjustment, I felt some immediate relief. My chronic neck and shoulder pain stayed away for an entire week! This was the first time in a year that I was entirely pain free! Now I come on a regular basis for maintenance treatment to help keep my migraines under control.
- Diana B.

I Feel Years Younger
I first came to Wink Chiropractic & Rehabilitation in September of 2014. I had been experiencing pain in my right shoulder for about two weeks prior, and it was so severe that I had trouble lifting my arm. I had sought help from my PCP, but they only suggested over-the-counter medications without even determining a possible cause. These results were very unsatisfactory to me, so I came to see Dr. Wink who was recommended by a few of his patients, who are also friends of mine.
I could not have asked for better results after working with Dr. Wink. After he determined my weak areas, a Physical Therapy plan was designed to strengthen not only my shoulder, but also my core. And the best part, the hip pain and morning stiffness had been reduced significantly. Truthfully, I feel years younger! I look forward to continuing my journey toward "better living habits".
- Gloria C.

Wow! What A Relief!
I first came to the office in May 2013. I have always had headaches but I had started to have them 3 to 4 days a week. It was a constant pounding in my head and aching in my neck. I couldn't concentrate. The headaches were interfering with my life. My regular doctor prescribed me Maxalt, which is the only medication that worked. They said I was having cyclic headaches from an addiction to NSAIDS. I took the steroids that were supposed to cure my "addiction" and cure my headaches. It didn't work. My daughter's teacher, who is also a friend of mine, referred me to Dr. Wink. As a result, my headaches have improved tremendously. Instead of having headaches 3 to 4 days a week, I have had 1 or 2 headaches in a month. I have my life back and my family has me back!
-Kelley D.

Pain Free At Last
I first came to Wink Chiropractic and Rehabilitation in May 2011 at my father's recommendation because of his terrific recovery from the care he received. My condition consisted of dizziness, major migraines, and sharp, (knife-like) lower back pain. I have suffered with headaches all of my life and I'm only 19 years old. The back pain and dizziness started in the fall of 2009 and worsened to the point that I would actually cry because the pain in my back was so bad. In the past, I was treated by another Chiropractor, but he never took x-rays and he didn't do rehabilitation, so the pain came back within weeks of me being released from care. My results with Dr.Winkleblech have been amazing. I have not had one migraine since beginning treatment. The massive, knife-like back pain is gone. The rehabilitation was challenging and intense, but I feel much stronger. I can do things that I wasn't able to do and am pain free! I highly recommend Dr. Wink and his staff, I feel like a new person.
-Leah R.

Amazing Results!
I first came to Wink Chiropractic and Rehabilitation in March of 2011. I had been a patient of Haney Chiropractic (previous owners), in the past. My condition consisted of neck pain, that I have had on and off for years from working at a computer. The pain was constant, achy and annoying. I had difficulty reading, sleeping, and driving a car. I had been treated in the past by other Chiropractors previously for my neck. They always did adjustments, but never suggested rehabilitation to strengthen the muscles and change the posture, so that the condition would not return. My results with Dr. Winkleblech have been amazing! I have had significant pain reduction since beginning treatment. The rehabilitation was challenging and intense, but I feel so much stronger. I think the rehabilitation is the key to fixing and maintaining a pain-free status. I am now on a maintenance care program, and have continued to do my exercises at home. I have never been happier with my results! I highly recommend Dr. Wink - he's the best!
-Amy L.

Pain And Pressure No More!
I became a patient of Wink Chiropractic and Rehabilitation back in July of 2011. I had gotten in touch with the Haney’s (previous owners) and they highly recommended Wink Chiropractic and Rehabilitation. They had family members that also gave a great recommendation. I have been suffering from Cervical Stenosis since 2003, which is pain and pressure in the base of my skull and it is very painful. Also one of my legs is shorter than the other which causes my hip and knee to go out at times, this puts pressure on nerves and is painful. I saw a Neurosurgeon for my Cervical Stenosis; he suggested my next option was surgery. I went to physical therapy in 2007 and did experience relief for a short period of time. I also saw an orthopedic doctor who gave me shots that helped with the bone-on-bone pain, but did not alleviate the muscle and nerve pain. After the first treatment with Dr. Wink I saw results! There was a great release of pressure from the base of my skull and my blood pressure dropped from 159 to 103!!! After the second treatment I slept for four hours straight uninterrupted. After the last month of treatment and therapy I can lay on my right side. I could not be more grateful for Dr. Wink and the relief he has provided me!
-Regine E.

Good Riddance Headaches
My headaches began back in 2000 when I started nursing school. These severe headaches had been a problem for well over 11 years. As a result I was taking prescription strength analgesic medication. I had sought the help of physicians, neurologists, physical therapists and many other chiropractors with very limited results. The Neurosurgeon only prescribed more medication which I did not wish to depend on or suffer the side effects. The Topamax made my finger tips and face tingle and numb. I had seen the previous owners on and off over the years and had some relief. Dr. Wink was the first to point out that my poor posture was causing these headaches. By combining adjustment and a custom designed rehabilitation program, I have noticed a tremendous difference in my headaches. I am now stronger, my posture is much better, and I do not suffer with ongoing pain, I continue to exercise on my own and do maintenance adjustments. I could not be happier and would highly recommend Dr. Wink.
-Sheri H.

Neck And Back Pain Is Gone
I first came to Wink Chiropractic and Rehabilitation in July 2011. I was referred by my neighbor as well as an insurance agent. I had been suffering from neck and lower back pain for 10 years and I don’t know what caused this. The constant pain was so severe that it altered my quality of life, physical activity, and sleep. I had sought help through other physicians to only have a day or so of relief. Through working with Dr. Wink I have finally found relief. My pain has lessened immensely and at times is gone. I finally have my energy back and am getting a full night of sleep. I believe that the physical therapy I am receiving here has improved my quality of life.
-Vicki B.

Walking Better Again!

I first came to Wink Chiropractic and Rehabilitation in July 2011. I had been a patient of Haney Chiropractic (previous owners), in the past for a different condition. I hurt my lower back after going over and embankment backwards on a lawnmower in June. My bother Ed urged me to go and see Dr. Wink instead of suffering with the pain. Not only did I have lower back pain, but I also had numbness in my left leg and the toes of my left foot, making it difficult to walk. After a short time of being adjusted, I began to feel a lot better. Dr. Wink then recommended doing rehabilitation to strengthen y back, core, and legs. I feel much stronger, and am able to walk better without limping. I am glad I finally decided to go. I would recommend Wink Chiropractic and Rehabilitation to others.
-Rebecca P.

Chronic Pain Alleviated
I have been to other Chiropractors in the past, and have even used acupuncture to help get rid of my pain. I am a member of the gym across the street and the owner is also a patient of Dr. Winks, so I came over to see if he can help with my recent chronic pain. My hips, my neck, and my back were in desperate need of adjustment. Dr. Wink definitely put me back in alignment and my treatments here are greatly alleviating my pain.
- Marsha C.

I Was Tired Of Temporary Pain Relief
I started coming to Wink Chiropractic about 3 months ago. I was dealing with several pains, one in my back and one in my right leg. The back pain has been there since I was 18 years old, and the leg pain just started recently.
I have had back surgery, and have seen another chiropractor in the past, and some of the therapy worked, but mostly it was a temporary fix. I never got a real answer on why I was having the pain. A few of my co-workers have came here to see Dr. Wink and they recommended that I do too because he is a great doctor. Only a few months in and I actually feel like I am healing and my problems are being fixed, not just more temporary pain relief this time. I am practically pain free at this point.
- Andrew W.

Back To Normal
I first came to Wink Chiropractic in June 2016 seeking relief from an auto accident that happened a few months prior. I did not have full range of motion in my right arm, I had neck and back pain from whiplash, and a lump on my right knee that would not go away. This pain was keeping me awake at night and I knew I had to do something! I went to school with Dr. Wink, and saw an article he wrote on whiplash. I knew he could be trusted, and figured what do I have to lose at this point.
Dr. Wink used cold laser therapy on my knee, and the results were practically immediate. I also received electric muscle stimulation and ultrasound on my neck and back, along with the Pro-Adjuster for adjustments on my back. I am now doing physical rehabilitation and I am feeling wonderful.
I am almost back to 100%. I couldn’t even turn my head before I started coming to Wink Chiropractic. My knee is also back to normal size and I have almost full mobility in my right arm .
- Kim T.

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