Planning a Healthy Holiday Season

Plan Your Self-Care Routine
- Plan some “me-time” in your daily calendar. - Eat well and don't skip the “good for you” stuff. Limit caffeine, sugar, fat and alcohol & indulge in lean proteins, fruits, veggies and whole grains. - Be active. Make physical activity part of your daily calendar. Doing less is better than doing nothing at all.
- Get enough sleep. Adequate sleep will help you maintain your weight, your emotional wellness and your health.

Plan Your Time
- Create a master calendar of events and activities that you want to do this holiday season. - Organize your time by making items as high, moderate, and low priority. - Work to maintain your personal time boundaries. Learn when to say “no” when necessary— don't over extend. - Share household responsibilities with your family. Trying to be everything to everyone causes burnout.

Plan For Health In The Year Ahead
- Give a gift that supports good health in the year ahead (or give suggestions if friends and family are asking for ideas for you) these are great ideas for giving wellness for the holidays:

Walking or Running Shoes 

Resistance Band Set

 Elliptical Machine 

Dumbell or Weight Set 

Gym Membership 

Healthy Cook Book 

Massage Gift Certificate 

Stationary Bike 


Subscription to Health Magazine 

Gift Certificate for ChiroThin Weight Loss 

Gift Card from Sporting Good Store 

Personal Trainer Gift Certificate 

Fitness Ball with Training Video 

Fit Bit

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