The Pro-Adjuster combines technology with Chiropractic care for precise and painless treatment. Due to the high speed and low force adjusting, just about anyone can be treated using the Pro-Adjuster. The treatment is done in a seated position similar to a massage chair so it is not necessary to even lay on a table to receive care.

The Pro Adjuster’s evaluation system uses technology to evaluate the areas of the spine that may be the cause of your problem. The technology was developed by aerospace engineers to determine if heat tiles are holding their proper position when a spacecraft re-enters the Earth’s Atmosphere. This evaluation allows the doctor to determine which vertebra is fixated or potentially out of alignment.
During the evaluation process, the patient can see the area being tested on a computer monitor. The treatment is exact to one specific vertebra and completely painless. After treatment the area is re-evaluated, and the results are again displayed on the computer monitor for the patient to see.
Pro-Adjuster technology has been successful in treating a host of conditions. The results can be seen immediately by the doctor and patient. Many people live with conditions because they don’t know there is an alternative. Treatment with the Pro-Adjuster is effortless and painless.Stop living in pain or relying on painkillers to manage the pain. Try an alternative choice that may just solve your problem once and for all! The only thing there is to lose is pain.

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