Sinus & Allergies

Sinus & Allergies

Sinus problems and allergies is a condition that generally affects more people in spring and fall. It is characterized by a runny nose in some, congestion and sinus pressure in others, watery eyes, facial pain and headaches. The fall season is rapidly approaching!

Certian people are susceptible to negative affects from outside influences such as pollen, dust and pollutants that overwhelm the immune system. The immune system is designed to protect the body from negative outside influences which are harmful. When the immune system is not functioning at its optimum, it can be overcome by these outside irritants. The outside irritants create a histamine response creating the symptoms mentioned above. Antihistamines are often used to dry the membranes and reduce the symptoms. THis symptom suppression, although helpful, does not resolve the problem with the immune system.

There are options other than the use of antihistamines to deal with sinus and allergy problems. Natural products that are available such as Allerplex, is helpful in maintaining, adjusting to seasonal changes, and strenghtening the immune system. Two key ingredients are calcium (increases immune efficiency) and Fenugreek seed which acts as a mucous "solvent", haviing the ability to soften and dissolve hardened masses of accumulated mucous.

Chiropractic care is also very effective in relieving sinus pain and allergies. Adjustments remove interference in the nervous system which enhances immune function. Specific physio-therapies and trigger point therapy help to dilate sinus cavities providing more efficient sinus draining and reducing associated headache pain.

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