Staying Hydrated: Extremely Important

Let’s face it– chronic low grade hydration is a big problem in the United States. It is especially a problem when trying to lose weight. Many people do not know that water helps flush toxins, makes you feel fuller and speeds up fat burning, so it is extremely important if you are trying to lose weight.

Helpful Hints
Without enough water in the body, cells get congested, skin can’t detox, and the bladder and kidneys won’t work properly. You’ll feel tired and eat more too. Often when you feel hungry, your body is telling you that you are dehydrated. Try drinking a glass of water before you snack.


Benefits of Staying Hydrated

Combats Fatigue—Reduces high blood pressure—Alleviates allergies and asthma—Makes skin, joints and digestive system healthier—Flushes out unwanted bacteria from the bladder and kidneys—Slows the aging process—Aids in circulation—Helps regulate the body’s cooling system


Don’t Like Water– Try the following:

Herbal Teas– adds flavor without calories, hot or cold

Flavored Water– add raw cucumber and crushed mint leaves for zest

Essential Oils– add a few drops to cold water or iced tea

Lemon & Cucumber– tart lemon and cool cucumber

Citrus Mix– add frozen slices of your favorite citrus and add mint for zest

Melon & Lime– pairing melon and lime gives subtle flavor


Hydration doesn't have to be as boring as drinking plain water, but is so important in helping your body stay healthy. Staying hydrated also curbs hunger and speeds up fat burning. For our patients on our ChiroThin Weight Loss Program, a minimum of 80oz of water is recommended daily for this very reason. If you are interested in seeing the great results our patients are having losing weight and getting healthier, please visit our Facebook page for before and after photos.

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